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Welcome to our dedicated patient resources section. This page provides essential information, guidance, and resources to make your experience at Smiles by Choice as seamless and comfortable as possible.

Below you’ll find links to various pages, each geared toward a specific aspect of your journey with us:

Patient Forms

In an effort to make your appointment process smoother and faster, we have made our patient forms readily available on our website. You can download these PDF forms, fill them out at your convenience, and bring them to your appointment. Access the Patient Forms here.

Payments and Insurance

We understand that financial considerations can be an important aspect of your dental care. Therefore, we offer a comprehensive breakdown of our payment methods and insurance processes. We also include information about electronic claims to make your experience easier.

If you want to explore our online bill payment options or learn more about CareCredit, please visit the Payments and Insurance page.


New Patients or First Visit

We extend a warm welcome to all our new patients. We’ve dedicated an entire page to guide you through what to expect on your first visit, including patient education resources, our paperless charting system, information about oral cancer screening and cavity detection, and details on electronic claims.

Please visit the New Patients page to get a comprehensive idea of our first-visit protocol and how we ensure a warm, welcoming experience for all our new patients.

Embrace a Caring Community: Your Welcome Awaits at Smiles by Choice

We look forward to welcoming you to the Smiles by Choice family, where we provide more than just dental care – we provide a community that cares about your overall well-being.