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Dentures in St. Louis, MO

Your smile is often the first thing others notice about you. But, if missing teeth have stolen your confidence to flash a dazzling smile, talk to Dr. Louise R. First, DMD, about restoring your dental health with dentures in St. Louis, MO. Even if you have preconceived notions about false teeth or are hesitant about this procedure, modern complete or partial dentures made from high-quality materials can look and feel just like your natural teeth, thus reinstating your confidence and reasons to smile.

So, if you want to discover the transformative potential of restorative dentistry, schedule an appointment today.

We Offer The Following Types of Dentures in St. Louis, MO

Smiles by Choice offers complete, partial, implant-supported, and immediate dentures, giving you a beautiful, fully functional smile devoid of pain or discomfort.

Partial dentures come into play when you still have healthy natural teeth in the upper or lower jaw. They consist of replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored plastic base, providing a functional and aesthetic solution to your dental needs. These removable dentures seamlessly fill the gaps left by extracting damaged or decayed teeth, thus restoring optimal function to your mouth. Many patients find partial dentures to be a noticeable improvement, as they help protect other teeth from shifting.

For those needing to replace all their teeth, premium dentures are the perfect solution for restoring a natural smile and full oral function. We take an impression of your mouth before extracting your teeth, which guides the creation of your custom-made dentures. After the initial fitting, final adjustments ensure a comfortable fit and optimal function.

Removable dentures aren’t your only option in restoring your smile post-tooth loss. We also offer implant-supported dentures, an excellent choice for filling a few spaces or replacing uncomfortable and ill-fitting dentures. In addition, dental implants serve as a durable, long-lasting solution to tooth loss due to accidents, helping to maintain the health of other teeth.

With dental implants, our trained team surgically attaches a metal post to your jaw, providing a sturdy “root” once the bone heals. This root supports a crown or bridge that seamlessly matches your existing teeth, offering a permanent restoration lasting for decades.

Restore Your Oral Health and Confidence with Stunning, Natural-Looking Dentures

Loss of teeth impacts your ability to eat and speak and jeopardizes your oral health by increasing the likelihood of bone loss and gum disease. That’s why we recommend replacing them with high-quality prosthetic teeth, enabling you to continue living your normal lifestyle without worry. Our treatment plan ensures you receive dentures that fit perfectly and provide a fully functional smile.

Dentures in St. Louis, MO

Dentures are removable prosthetics, often referred to as false teeth, that replace missing teeth and their surrounding tissues, giving you the following benefits:

  • Enhances Aesthetics: Dentures restore a full, natural-looking smile, improving your overall facial appearance.
  • Improves Speech: By filling in the gaps left by missing teeth, dentures can help improve speech clarity that may have been affected.
  • Restores Chewing Ability: Dentures restore normal chewing function, allowing you to enjoy various foods and maintain a balanced diet.
  • Protects Remaining Teeth: Particularly with partial dentures, the remaining natural teeth are supported and protected from excessive wear and shifting into the gaps left by missing teeth.
  • Boosts Confidence: With a complete, attractive smile, your self-esteem and confidence will significantly boost.
  • Promotes Oral Health: Dentures help maintain the structure of your mouth by supporting the lips and cheeks and reducing the risk of bone loss in the jaw.
  • Provides a Cost-Effective Solution: Dentures can be more affordable than other tooth replacement methods, such as implants, notably when multiple teeth are missing.

Start Your Journey to a Radiant and Healthy Smile Now

If missing teeth hinder your everyday life, Dr. First and Dr. Timm are here to provide personalized, comprehensive denture solutions in St. Louis, MO. Complete, partial, and implant-supported dentures are more than just dental prosthetics; they are a path to regain self-assurance and quality of life. Many patients have experienced a noticeable difference in their confidence and oral health after receiving dentures from us.


Complete dentures have an acrylic resin that sticks to your gums to hold them in place. Many people also use denture adhesives for extra reassurance, especially when they first get their new teeth. Partial dentures have clasps that attach to nearby teeth and hold them in place. Initially, eating soft foods can help you get used to your new dentures.

Most people feel comfortable wearing their new dentures after the first ten to 15 days. Some discomfort or difficulty eating or talking is normal during the initial adjustment period. Dr. First will adjust the prosthetics for the most comfortable and accurate fit.

You can enjoy eating most foods with your new teeth. However, certain foods, like steak, sticky candy, or popcorn, can crack or break dentures, be challenging to chew, and cause discomfort. You don’t have to avoid them altogether, but taking tiny bites and chewing slowly prevents damage or pain.

Once you get used to wearing them, it’s unlikely that anyone will be able to tell that you’re wearing dentures when they are well-made and perfectly fitted.