77 Westport Plaza Dr.
Suite 205, St. Louis, MO 63146



Karen is a dedicated Registered Dental Hygienist (R.D.H.) who has positively impacted patients’ dental health for the past four months. Her primary role involves assisting patients in maintaining and improving their oral health through routine teeth cleanings, periodontal scaling, taking necessary x-rays, and educating them on proper homecare practices.

Karen graduated from St. Louis Community College at Forest Park in 1980, and throughout her career, she has had the privilege of meeting many amazing individuals. One aspect of her work that she particularly cherishes is interacting with patients who have special needs. These encounters have taught her invaluable lessons that cannot be learned solely from textbooks or classrooms.

Outside of her profession, Karen finds joy in cooking delicious meals for her loved ones. She actively participates on the Board of the St. Louis Jazz Club, planning monthly concerts and showcasing her passion for music. Being near water is where Karen truly feels at home, indulging in activities such as swimming, snorkeling, paddle boarding, boating, and fishing.

Watermelon is Karen’s favorite fruit, and when it comes to music, she finds it hard to choose a single genre. Interestingly, Karen worked as a singer for several years, showcasing her talent and versatility. One of her beloved movies is “An Affair to Remember.”

Karen’s approach to patient care centers around being a good listener and working with her patients to make informed choices for favorable outcomes. She believes in building strong relationships based on trust and collaboration.

Raised alongside three brothers and now the proud mother of two sons, Karen proudly embraces her tomboy side. Her upbringing has contributed to her down-to-earth and approachable demeanor.

With her dedication to dental hygiene, compassion for patients with special needs, and enthusiasm for music and water-related activities, Karen brings a unique and well-rounded perspective to her role as a dental hygienist.